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     Cheque and Banking Control System

Cheque received and paid will be updated from receipts and payments.

  1. The cheque forms can be printed and modified in 6 bank forms.
  2. When settlements or payments with cheque, the program will take cheque in the cheque file for an accountant manage and audit.
  3. There is a cheque report sort by cheque date for due date warning.
  4. Pay in slip can be printed to take handwriting place that get conveniently and quickly.
  5. Deposit cheque can be cleared to be sets or one by one.
  6. Return cheque can be recorded for credit consideration.
  7. There is a cheque paid report sort by cheque number for checking some cheque paid with chequebook.
  8. There is a cheque paid report sort by cheque date for warning an accountant to prepare to transfer from saving into current account for cheque clearing on time.
  9. You can make a choice as want to clear cheque paid automatically or not.
  10. You can add or improve bank transactions e.g. cash deposit/withdraw, bank account transfer, bank income, bank charges etc. and print report to compare to bank statement (Bank Reconcile).
  11. Cash can be withdrawn by cheque of company and make a sales cheque.






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