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Value Added Tax (VAT) and Withholding Tax System

     The Data will be updated automatically from purchases, other expenses, debit notes/purchases return, credit notes, sales, other incomes, credit notes/sales return, debit notes and journals.

1. The purchases and sales can support to inclusive tax, exclusive tax and exempt tax.

2. The printable reports are purchase tax, sales tax and sales for tax that are complete information as the same Revenue Department form and you can take tax amount to fill in 30 form (ภ.พ.30) then submit it on 15th of months promptly.

3. To support to prorate purchase tax, purchase tax report will divide tax amount in 2 columns as refundable tax and not refundable tax.

4. In case some tax invoices arrive late within 6 months or over 6 months, they will be divided in 2 reports as purchase vat report (normal) and purchase vat report (additional submission).

5. Purchase tax reports can display data in 2 forms.

  • Sort by tax invoice received date as Revenue Department notice no. 89 (start April 29,1998)
  • Sort by tax invoice date as old Revenue Department notice (would find tax invoices easily)


6. The purchase tax and sales tax reports can be printed and modified in 6 forms and there are 7 master reports for easy modification.

7. For value added tax account recording, you can make a choice as acquisition or cash basis.

8. The printable reports are purchase tax reports, sales tax reports and withholding tax form sort by department.

9. The printable withholding tax form is a form 3 or form 53 (แบบยื่น ภงด.3/ ภงด.53) that are complete information as the same Revenue Department form and submit it on 7th of months promptly.

10. In withholding tax table can fix types and rates for simple call.



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