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Account Payable and Other Expense System

Account Payable data will be updated from Receipt Stock system.

1. The document forms can be printed and modified in 3 forms as you please i.e. A/P Bills Collection Slip, Payment Slip, Debit Notes/Purchase Return, Credit Notes and Withholding Tax Voucher.

2. To support the other expenses.


3. The payments can pay to full bills or partial bills.

4. Choice of payment options i.e. cash, cheque, cashier cheque, credit card, domestic remittance, draft, withholding tax, cash discount, gain (loss) on exchange rate and other payments.

5. The account payable aging reports can be printed with summary and detail format to make estimate of payments such as you would like to know about outstanding bills (not due and overdue) within 7 days, 15 days and 30 days.


6. There is A/P bills collection report sort by appointment date for you can be aware of coming expenses and prepare to make cheques accurately.

7. In each document can add remarks for 5 lines with 50 letters per line.

8. The program is able to print supplier name on stickers and envelope.


9. Supplier codes and expense codes can be changed at all times.

10. The data searching can search by code or name. And there is “Look up” in case you have forgotten codes.

11. Withholding tax voucher can be printed on form accurately as the same Revenue Department form.

12. The debit note/purchase return slip can be selected to make debit account on receipt slip, payment slip or cash return.


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