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 Purchase Order and Receipt Stock System

purchase order

1. The document forms you can print and modify in 3 forms as you please i.e. Purchase Order, Receipt Slip.


2. To support to prorate purchase tax, the program will automatically average refundable and not refundable tax.

3. Receipt slip date can be different from tax invoice date.



4. In one receipt slip can add some products with normal VAT and exempt VAT.

5. To support deposit payments and print payment slip.

6. To support discount per unit and total discount with amount (Baht), percentage (%) or percentage steps (5+3+2=first discount 5%, then discount 3% and finally discount 2%).

7. In receipt slip can adjust VAT amount with tax invoice of supplier VAT.

8. With relative ratio to stocking unit measure, the products can be bought with measure is different from the stocking unit measure.

9. In purchase order, you can fill ship via, ship to and warehouse.

10. In one purchase order, you can add the receipt date per item e.g. you would like to deliver the products to follow customer order.


11. The program is able to receipt stock with reference to purchase order or don’t issue purchase order.

11. In purchase order, it controls total purchase and remained quantity.  And it often can record to receipt until quantity as purchase order.

12. There are reorder point reports for warning purchasing section to provide the products for sale on time.  The ones sort by stock group and supplier code.

13. There are backorder reports that can help you to purchase the products as orders in case you don’t want to stock the products.

14. The program is able to plan to buy raw materials as orders by using component sets estimate them to be used in production.

15. In each item of document can add the additional description for 10 lines with 50 letters per line.

16. In each document can add remarks for 5 lines with 50 letters per line.

17. While you are adding the transaction files, you can add the master files about products, supplier, department, ship via and remark.

18. The transaction can add items for 999 items (maximum).

19. For service business, it will automatically update Purchase Tax (Cash Basis) when you add payments.



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