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General Ledger System

     The most data will be updated automatically from purchases, sales, finances and others.

- Account charts can be edited, added and deleted to appropriate account charts of company.

- Financial statements can be added to appropriate statements of each business such as: 

  • In comparative statements can take data to display for 18 columns.
  • The data can be made with some calculation formula or put field from data field table.
  • In each column can only display that department as you like it.
  • The data can display to percentage (%) by summation using is calculation base.
  • In one statement, in each line or account can display to be different field.
  • Description (wording) can be defined as you please.

- Petty cash or advance control enable to inform to cash movement at all times.

- Petty cash book can define expense names in headline for 4 names.

- Petty cash payment slip (disbursement) and reimbursement slip can be printed and modified in 3 forms.

- In one voucher can add the expense that has many tax invoices.

- Voucher slip can be printed and modified in 3 forms.

- Withholding tax voucher can be printed on form accurately as the same Revenue Department form.
Certificate of tax withholding.


- Voucher number can run number for 5 types i.e. 0=by yourself, 1=YMMDDxx, 2=YMMxxxx, 3=YYMMxxxx, 4=YYMMDDxx (Y=Year, M=Month, D=Date and x=Running Number).

- Account charts can separate to be unlimited departments (Cost Center).

Express GL Chart of Account

- Period locking system can help you to protect to addition and editing data that have ended at that period already.

- Account periods can define to start of fiscal year as report to Revenue Department.

gl account period

- The program can add transactions of next year unlimitedly without waiting the year-end processing that enable to work continually and when year-end processing, it will provide these data into period of them automatically.

- The transactions can keep around 24 periods and period no.24 is unlimited time depend on user set up.

- Journal template can help you to journal entry quickly, accurately and helpfully for some persons know how to account a little.

Express GL General Journal

- Budget of each account can define around 12 months in budget statement.

Express GL Budjet

- Compound entry is unlimited items (debit/credit).

- The program will check debit and credit balances before recording.

- Inventory account recording can make a choice as periodic or perpetual method.

- Unlimited journal books

Express GL Journal.


- Account codes can be changed at all times

- The data searching can search by code or name. And there is “Look up” in case you have forgotten codes.

- In each voucher can add remarks for 5 lines with 50 letters per line.

- When adjustment with account rule as Revenue Department notice edition 63, the program will allow to fill referent document.

- When you add purchase tax or sales tax account, it will take to add in VAT file immediately.

- When you add withholding tax account, it will take to add in withholding tax file immediately.

- When you add cheque received or paid, it will take to add in cheque file immediately.

- The printable trial balance as full form (display beginning balance, this period, ending balance), balance form (only balance), 3 periods form, 12 periods form and full/balance separate to department.

- There is costing calculation according to job, project or product line.

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